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Kindred Spirits Book Club
Minga Suma Book Club
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Turning Pages Book Club


Bernadean Broadous
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Chrishendra Tucker
Debra Sledge
Karen Crawford
La Rhonda Crosby-Johnson
Rene' Green
Sheryl Lister 
Terryl Martin 
Tira McDonald 



This club is open to all individuals residing in California and book clubs in the state of California that promote the literary contributions of authors of African descent.  This support includes, but is not limited to, club membership, book selections, and/or hosting/attending events. Any book club or individual wishing to join will have to fill out an application and pay dues. Membership is granted throughout the year.

We believe that every individual and book club will bring a specific dynamic to UCAAB, which will propel the mission of the organization.

We are looking for positive individuals and groups who wish to make a difference in the literary world with an emphasis on authors of African descent. If you or a book club would like to join our organization to help make it the best West Coast literary group, then we welcome your membership.  Please take a moment to fill out our brief membership application.  Completed applications should be submitted to ucaabmembership@gmail.com.




Regular meetings of the club are held on the third Sunday of every month, at 6:00 p.m. via telephone conference where we discuss any pending actions from club members. Any UCAAB member/officer can submit items for the agenda. Members are responsible for attending the monthly meetings regularly. If any member misses three meetings in a row without a valid excuse, as determined by the club bylaws, the member's membership would be brought before UCAAB's officers for determination of membership revocation. For this reason, we allow any person in a book club’s membership and any proxy designated by an individual member to attend a meeting. We also meet in person annually or as determined by current membership. Location, duration, and meeting content will be determined by the membership by majority vote.



Dues of $125 from each book club and $35 from each individual (if not represented by a book club) are payable on January 31 each year. New members’ (book club or individual) dues are payable at the time of membership approval and on January 31 each subsequent year. Membership dues are not prorated. If a member's  membership is revoked or the member chooses to leave, dues will not be refunded. All members need to be current in their dues in order to exercise voting privileges. Each member is responsible for any bounced checks and any fees associated with them. 

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